Thin Film Coating Unit (12” Box type vacuum coating unit)

Financial Support from DST-FIST 2013

Installation: 2014

Manufacturer: Indian High Vacuum Pumps

Thin Film Coating Unit is used for electrode deposition, metal films/mirror/AR coatings, Doping, Ex-situ-diffusion of metal ions, Vacuum annealing, TCO deposition and ion beam cleaning.

The specifications of the installed facility

High vacuum unit: Low temperature evaporation feed through (Filament holder), High temperature, Ion cleaning gadget, Direct drive rotary pump, Oil diffusion pump (Diffstack type)

Digital Thickness Monitor: Measuremen – Transducer Limited, typically 5000 microgm/sq. cm, as much as 20000 gm/ for well-behaved materials (1.0 microgm/ 37 Ang. A1)

Rate Display: Three digit auto ranging from 0.000 to 999.9 K Ang

Static Thickness: 1 Ang at minimum update rate.

Film No.: CTM-200 allows input parameters for 1 to 100 films to be entered.

Film Density: 0.800 to 99.99 gm/cubic sec

Shutter Control: Dedicated relay. Internal 3 Amp fuse protection, two relays.

Radiant Heater: Dome shaped radiant heater made out of sheathed SS tubular heating element, which can provide maximum temperature of 300 deg C in about 30 minutes.

Substrate rotator

3 K. W. Electron Beam Gun Power Supply: Power input: 220/440 V. 50 Hz. A.C. Supply (1/3 Phase)

Max. Output Power: 3K.W.

H.T. Voltage: 5-7 K. V. adjustable

Filament Supply: 10 V @ 30 Amps

Emission Current: 500 m.amps.max

Beam Deflection angle: 180/270 deg.

Minimum cooling water: 2 LPM@ 20 deg. C & 2 Kg/ Cm2

Magnet: Alnico

High Voltage Feed through: Teflon insulated rated for 15 K.V./100 Amps

Remote control Signal: 0 to +/- 10 volts

Wave form selection: available independently in both the directions

50 Lts water tank, radiator, water motor, fan & stand for cooling water for diffusion pump.