High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Financial Support from DST-FIST 2008

Installation: 2008

Company: Schimadzu

High performance liquid chromatography or commonly known as HPLC is an analytical technique used to separate, identify or quantify each component in a mixture. The mixture is separated using the basic principle of column chromatography and then identified and quantified by spectroscopy.

     The installed facility is HPLC Shimadzu Prominence Binary Gradient system with PDA Detector. Maximum Discharge pressure: 5800 psi; Flow-rate setting range: 0.0001ml/min- 10.00ml/min; Flow-rate accuracy: 1%; Flow-rate precision: No more than 0.06% RSD; Composition Precision ˃ 0.1% RSD; Wavelength range: 190nm to 800 nm Wavelength accuracy: 1 nm.